The Barn at A Maze’n Farmyard

Located in Eden Valley, Minnesota, A Maze’n Farmyard is an amusement park with a distinctive farm theme. Designed to entertain the entire family, A Maze’n Farmyard has features and attractions that range from pony rides and fun slides to a miniature golf course and a walk-in birdhouse.

Occupying a central place on the grounds, the A Maze’n Farmyard barn is one of the largest and most diverse attractions that the amusement park has to offer. It houses a range of farm animals as well as wildlife such as tortoises and kangaroos

Workers at the barn encourage children to interact directly with many of the animals. In addition to holding and petting these animals, children may also get the opportunity to feed them.

The animal attractions continue just outside the barn. In its surrounding areas, visitors can encounter a goat bridge, a pigeon house, and a chicken coop, as well as a duck and fish pond.

At Minnesota’s A Maze’n Farmyard, animals and activities excite children as well as their parents and teachers.