Learning about and Feeding Animals at A Maze’n Farmyard

Eden Valley, Minnesota’s A Maze’n Farmyard specializes in a wide range of family-amusement services and attractions. A Maze’n Farmyard is best known for its 20,000-square-foot maze and the barn.

The barn is home to a broad array of animals commonly found on farms, including goats that can be hand-fed by children. Other animals can be held and petted by visitors. The barn consists of several different areas, such as the Hayloft, where families can learn more about the various farm animals on site. Other parts of the barn include the Goat Bridge, the Chicken Coop, and the Pigeon House, while other animal attractions at A Maze’n Farmyard range from pony rides to a walk-in birdhouse. Children can also feed animals at the duck and fish pond.

The barn should not be confused with the Bounce Barn, which is comprised of five large, inflatable bounce houses that range in style from obstacle courses to slides.

At Minnesota’s A Maze’n Farmyard, animals and activities excite children as well as their parents and teachers.

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